Finding Your Prime Work In This Life

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. NOW is the time to cultivate the seed of destiny within us. We are each here with a purpose contained inside us which without conscious unfoldment will never sproat, and the seed will wither under the weight of our lesser concerns. Self-observation will bring us into the insights necessary to uncover our prime work in this life and live it with total commitment, dedication, and the sacrifice of all that’s in the way of living our prime work.

Charlie B 2017

The Wisdom of Pythagoras

Pythagoras taught the importance of refinement and purification in order to attain mastery over the lower nature and awaken the higher nature in us which leads us to self-transcendance.

Essentially ‘salvation’ is a personal affair to be worked out by the individual through dedicated effort. This may take years or lifetimes depending on the individual.

Charlie B 2017

Living Wise In a Fool’s Paradise

The greatest question we can ask ourselves in the midst of living is: what am I actually doing? We lose ourselves too quickly to life. Don’t drift. What is your Primary Work? Find it and fulfil it before it’s too late.

You may have suspected all through your life that there’s a work you are here to do, and perhaps it’s in plain sight, or maybe you’re unconsciously avoiding it. We catch glimpses from time to time of what that work is, and if your really aware, you maybe doing that work already. But most likely societal illusions, distractions, and limitations have steered us into a meaningless existence and away from the reason we were born. Don’t drift.

Your destiny is greater than you imagine. Earthly Life is just the sowing of the seed.



Everything Changes (But Man?)

We are either creators or spectators. We either live life in the front seat, or the back seat; yet many prefer the luggage compartment..

Life is never static, stale, or fixed. Everything is in constant motion and flux (as Heraclitus and Buddha have informed us) Change is all around us, yet we can become so rigid in our way of life that life can seem stagnant and unchangeable.

Nothing endures but change. ~ Heraclitus

I call this the illusion of invulnerability. We think that our constants will always be constant; that buildings are buildings, roads are roads, the store is open, and the postman has been.

But all of these things are temporary patterns in an a changing and impermanent world. We live the bulk of lives in a man-made world; a special universe of man-made things.

It only takes a few hours of time out in nature to witness the inevitable flow of novelty and renewal. This is a very different dynamic to experience. Life in the sun and fresh air, surrounded by a churning nature, is a very different world than the fluorescent lights, stale air, and mundane operation of life in the building.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~ Alan Watts

Many people become depressed with no apparent cause, yet the weight of stagnation can easily bring an individual to a type of depression, simply because their internal resources may be operating at such a limited rate of expression with little to no fulfilment.

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. ~ Emile Zola

When we step away from the treadmill, and really experience life as a flow rather than a fixed thing, we begin to take on a new dimension of character that thrives in a state of constant renewal and vitality; where as before we may have been dull, monotonous, and bound by the unchanging reality that is man’s own creation.

I love this quote:

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. ~ Margaret Mead

Stay inspired, and live life alive!



Finding Truth In Ourselves

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

We cannot expect to see things as they truly are until our minds have been trained to perceive, to a reasonable degree, truth over error. Until this foundation has been set with the stones of understanding, we will continue seeing the world through our own private constructs that are for the most part, built from sand; which may or may not invite matter-of-fact reality to come into our awareness.

The individual seeking to know Truth must prepare his mind, body, and emotions for the reception of Truth. There is always Truth to be found in each moment of daily living. We can observe the justice in our actions and how that impacts life around us. We can witness the sharp offensive word to someone who wronged us. There’s always a chance to learn more about ourselves and the consequences of our existence and the activities of life in general.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ~ Rumi

The more we observe, reflect, and aspire to correct ourselves in terms of living beyond our limitations, the easier it is to see Truth and Error in plain sight, and to strive daily to align ourselves with the most balanced, harmonious, and constructive way of living, with ourselves and the world around us.

If we have a Hero we look up to, someone who inspires greatness in us, we can call them into our minds and hearts in times of need. Simply ask this question when facing a challenge: ”What would (…………….) do?”

This can be a powerful motivator in taking action when our own resources may be in need of a nudge. What ever area of life we’re interested in, there are always inspiring figures we can call upon for extra strength and courage.