Truth and Illusion | Quote

”That which is true can never die; that which is false can never live.”

 ~ livingsymbolsoftruth


Free Will

Do we have freewill? Or are we merely puppets on string? The simple way to realize the reality of freewill is to take something essential such as nourshment from food and drink. We need these things in wise moderation for basic survival. If I decide to stop eating and drinking for good, a habit that is essential for my continuity, then I will eventually fall sick and die.

 If I have the power to destroy my life, then how much more power do I have to cultivate it? Freewill is essential for growth and unfoldment. If everything was predetermined then life is not worth the struggle. It’s free will that allows us to grow up from ignorance and come to know wisdom through the choices we make. Freewill does not mean we’re free to do what we want without consequence. Everything we do has repercussions known and unknown, but it’s the wise use of free will that brings us closer to the harmony of conscious and constructive living.

Charlie B 2017

The Wisdom of Pythagoras

Pythagoras taught the importance of refinement and purification in order to attain mastery over the lower nature and awaken the higher nature in us which leads us to self-transcendance.

Essentially ‘salvation’ is a personal affair to be worked out by the individual through dedicated effort. This may take years or lifetimes depending on the individual.

Charlie B 2017