Magic: White, Grey, and Black

There are three kinds of magic: White, Grey, and Black. The white magician is he who uses his internal powers to fulfil the good, the true, and beautiful. He has unlocked these powers through spiritual maturity and has attained victory over his lower nature. The grey magician is torn between virtue and vice, and may not know what he’s doing with his potentials, he may have intention, but not sound wisdom, and thus may cause more harm than good, regardless of intention, thus he may go either way, backward or forward.

The black magician has power but not wisdom, and deliberatly uses his god-given resources to manipulated the world to his advantage, which has the greatest karmic repercussions. Regardless of our powers and potentials, we are all on this archetypal scale: White, Grey, and Black. Most of humanity is in the Grey; torn between light and darkness. The destiny of each individual is to become the light. Those who fall into evil build a mountain of karma that binds them to more lifetimes than they would have needed otherwise to undo the evil.

We are each day moving between light and dark, and must begin to recognize which is which, because it’s easy to fall into intentions which seem to be nobel, but may lead us or others into darkness. This is the human journey; the walking of the razors edge.

Charlie B 2017


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