From Sin to Salvation (The Three Worlds)

Sin is nothing more than the choices we make that keeps our soul power trapped and bound to our lower nature. Sin has nothing to do with being punished by a god, but all to do with being destroyed by ourselves through our own ignorance and abuse of resources. Few people know (yet it’s our birthright to know) that the sexual energy is not limited to expression through sex. We call it sexual energy because we’re so bound by the way we use it through wreck-creation, lust and seduction. There are three worlds that we can live in as human beings : the lower world (generative), them middle world (heart), and the higher world (head/cosmic consciousness)

Sexual energy can ”orgasm” out from any of these centres. Humanity at present is lost in the abuse of their lower natures and never wonders why their hearts are so asleep and distant from reality. Divinity cannot instruct the lustful. Divinity speaks to the heart but cannot be heard whilst we are in the lower world. True self-mastery is more than we know. It’s about raising to the heart level, and being poised between heaven and earth; only then can we hear the will heaven and the needs of the earth and fulfil our destiny with indestructable faith in the divine plan.


Charile B 2017


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